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Classics and a few new ones.


James Moclair Soke Shodai  has put together a web site that is dedicated to Old video and DVD of the Old Masters and people who have inspired the practice of martial arts.

Follow the link below and sit back and enjoy some great classics.


James Moclair, teaching Judo techniques 1981

James Moclair, Ju-Jutsu 1981

James Moclair, Weapon Demo 1985

James Moclair, KI 1985

James Moclair, Breaking fire brick with Hammer Fist & Punch 1985

James Moclair Aiki Jutsu 1985

James Moclair Nunchacku Demo 1985

James Moclair, KI 1989

James Moclair Breaking wood 1989

James Moclair, Naginata Kata 19??

James Moclair, Naginata Demo 19??

James Moclair, Katana Demo 19?? 

James Moclair Nunchacku Demo

James Moclair Jo Staff

James Moclair KI

James Moclair Aiki Jutsu 1-2 forms Plus Katana

James Moclair with Tonfa.

James Moclair with Kama Sickle.

James Moclair 2 Nunchacku

James Moclair Tonfa & Nunchacku Demo.