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 Ju Jutsu 


Thursday 7-00pm until 8-00pm



This class is ideal for Men, Women


and Children who are looking for a


excellent self Defence system.


What Is Ju Jutsu ???

Ju Jutsu is an excellent self defence system that incorporates lots of elements in Judo, Karate, and Aiki Jutsu. Ju Jutsu is said to be the mother of all other Japanese arts. It is a martial art that is rich in combat techniques and has a defence for every situation. The style that I teach is not a sport style it is a pure self defence system. Ju Jutsu is an very effective martial art for self defence and is used by many military and police forces around the world. In Ju Jutsu there is the study of an art called Atemi Jutsu. This looks at striking the vulnerable points of the body (Kysho). The principle of Ju Jutsu is to conquer an opponent by any and all means possible. While studying Ju Jutsu you will learn how to strike, kick, throw, lock and break joints, choke, strangle, grapple and immobilise.

I am totally unfit, can I still do Ju Jutsu ???

Well, again the answer is yes as you begin to train in the art you will become more fit, your mind and body will gradually adjust and you will be more alert and aware. Ju Jutsu is an art that does not require you to be strong, it requires you to have good technique!

What do I need ???

All you need is a set of old and loose clothing and yourself. If you feel that you like the art you can then purchase a GI and where that. GI's can be purchased from in the club, a price list of the GI can be found in the shop section of this website.

What do I do next ???

Just come along and you will taught by one of best Ju-Jutsu practitioners in the world. James Moclair 10th Dan Soke Shodai will guide you through every self defence technique and make sure you achieve an extremely high standard.

The following Instructional DVD's are available at the Dojo to help the students progress through the grade system.

The following DVD's are also available;
Ju-Jutsu Blue, Brown and Black Belt DVD. (This is a real Classic)
Counter Techniques DVD
Kime No Kata DVD (Another Classic)
Aiki-Jutsu 1st to 4th Form. 
For further information telephone                             
 mobile 07815 676950 or Sam 07967959529                            



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James Moclair's Ju-Jutsu Book

 Ju-Jutsu 'A Comprehensive Guide' by James Moclair

is available to buy at the Dojo or On the Internet at any Book Supplier

ISBN 978-1-4490-0776-8



James Moclair Ju-Jutsu

James Moclair Ju-Jutsu

James Moclair Ju-Jutsu

James Moclair Ju-Jutsu