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Kempo Karate



Kempo Karate

(Self Defence)


Wednesday 7-30pm until




Sunday 11-30am until 1-30pm


This class is suitable for Men,


Women and Children.


What Is Kempo Karate ???

Kempo karate is a dynamic self defence system! It is a none sport system that concentrates on self defence. Kempo Karate is a traditional Japanese style of Karate, that evolved from Ju Jutsu. Kempo is a very effective style of Karate. Kempo Karate continued to be developed by Shaolin monks. The classes are progressive so any one can study the art. Karate originated from the Japanese island of Okinawa. In 1470, the Japanese had occupied the island of Okinawa. The law had been set that if anyone was caught carrying a weapon they would be put to death, It was during this time that Zen Buddhist monks developed Karate to protect themselves from bandits, who ignored the law and still carried weapons. Karate means 'the way of the empty hand', meaning without weapons. Kempo Karate means 'the way of the iron fist'.

I am not very fit or supple, can I still learn Kempo Karate ???

Yes the classes are very well structured. You start by warming up and stretching exercises which will increase your flexibility and increase your fitness level. Kempo Karate does not concentrate on high kicks, just good powerful kicks.

What Do I Need ???

All you need the first few times, is yourself and some old, loose clothing and the clothing may tare. If you decide to continue studying the art you can then purchase a Karate GI (suit) which are available to buy from the Dojo shop.

What do I do next ???

Just come along, this is a fantastic class for fitness, self defence, self confidence and to top that you will have a "world class instructor";

James Moclair 8th Dan Kempo Karate and Author of the Books;

"A Breath of Fresh Air, Kempo Karate, Novice to Intermediate"

and "Intermediate to Advanced"

These books will help all new and experienced students to progress in the art of Kempo Karate.

James has also produced a high quality Instrutional DVD in Kempo Karate that covers the Novice to Orange Belt Syllabus. This is a must for all new students

The DVD and the Kempo Karate books are available to purchase at the Dojo.


 mobile 07815 676950 or Sam 07967959529              




Kempo Karate Block Sequence