Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre

Forget the Rest! Train With the Best!

The Dojo (Martial Arts Practice Hall)


As soon as you enter the Dojo, you will realise that this is something special. You are not in Japan, you are in the heart of Dudley!

The reception area is warm and welcoming and has free information leaflets that tell you all about the classes and prices.

Cleanliness in martial arts is essential and the T.J.K Dojo reflects this, the toilets, changing area, reception and Tatami are all Spotless.


As you look around the Dojo you will see that it is one of the finest centres in the whole of the UK. It is a purpose built for the use of Martial Arts and has a fabulous large Tatami (mat area) that is over sixty five feet long.

The heart of the Dojo is the Mat training area (Tatami). This is light and airy. The Dojo also has an air conditioning unit for those odd extra warm days. 

A seated viewing gallery is provided for parents or potential new members, this runs along the side of the Tatami (Mat Area). 

Good training equipment is essential and T.K.J M.A.C has only the best.  striking pads and other essential safety equipment are all provided at the centre. 


Other's can only offer a scout hut, room/hall with a hard floor that is filthy, they have no mats to train on! and if they do, they are tatty and dirty! They have no safety equipment! no training equipment! you have to buy your own or risk injury!

Why settle for poor quality when you can have the best.

T.J.K not only has the best Dojo in the UK.

 It also boasts of the Best Instructor in the World.

Forget the Rest, Train with the Best