Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre

Forget the Rest! Train With the Best!

Where are we ?

A Common question that is asked is;

Where are you?

Well; Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

is located at; 

Top Floor, Plaza Mall

34 High Street, Dudley

DY1 1PL 

 07815676950 or 07967959529

   If you know the area, the club is located near Dudley Market, walk though the Plaza Mall shopping centre (the old Woolworths building) to the cafe and follow the signs to the Dojo on the top floor. (That's up a few Stairs) 

The stairs to the top floor are located to the right of the cafe.

When the Plaza Mall is closed in the evening, the access is in King Street, through the back door of the Plaza Mall up the stairs to the top floor.

You can park free on the Plaza Mall car park in King Street, Monday to Friday after 5-00 pm and all day Sunday.