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Tai Jutsu Kwai- 30 Years

Posted on December 4, 2009 at 3:40 AM

Tai Jutsu Kwai opened its doors to budding martial arts students in the Midlands in 1979 and has now run successfully for the last thirty years.


It all began when James Moclair a Midlands Martial Arts Instructor kicked into action his first club. It was a cold dark Monday night in November at Haden Hill Leisure Centre in Cradley Heath. As soon as the doors opened, the hall filled with over seventy new students. Since that night the club, Tai Jutsu Kwai has never looked back.


In the same week, James opened another club under the same banner, Tai Jutsu Kwai. This time it was the other side of Birmingham at the Astral Club on the Castle Vale Estate; this too was a great success.


Over the next few years James opened up further branches of Tai Jutsu Kwai at Four Dwelling school in Quinton Birmingham, a full time Dojo (martial arts centre) over in Redditch, a club in Stratford upon Avon and one at Kingstanding Leisure Centre in Birmingham.


Part of James’s directive for his teaching is to seek perfection in the techniques taught. This directive has been the basis of training for every new student and it can be said that throughout the last thirty years, each and every student has had to maintain this high standard.


Fourteen years ago, James moved most of his group to one central Headquarters in Dudley; this is where the Tai Jutsu Kwai is housed today. The headquarters is a proposed built Dojo (club) and is one the best equipped in the U.K.


Joining the club has not just meant joining a martial arts class; it has also meant making life time friends. Some of James’s students have been training with him for over twenty five years! Several have clocked up well over fifteen years and the list for those who have trained for over tens years is always growing. Students as young as four have stuck at the rigorous training but now ten years on have black belts in two different martial arts, this is a fantastic achievement.


One person who beats all of these is James’s wife Lorraine; she has an impressive thirty years plus under her 2nd Dan black belt. Lorraine is an extremely popular member of the club, her enthusiasm and dedication is a credit not just to the club but also to the global martial arts community.


The club has always had a family feel to it, over the last thirty years the clubs member’s have enjoyed numerous martial arts courses, training holidays, disco’s and trips abroad to visit other martial arts groups. All of this has helped advance the communal knowledge within the club and has strengthened the bond and respect between the Instructor, James and his students.


The passing of time has also brought the sad passing away of some of James’s students. To name a few, Glen, Mark, Paul, Karen, Dave and Chris will never be forgotten. While they are no longer with us, the love and passion for the martial arts now carries on with new people starting out this life time venture at the club.


In James’s words ‘who would have thought that thirty years ago that Tai Jutsu Kwai would still be running and is still as vibrant today’. While James has been the driving force behind the club he also realises that none of this would have been possible without the loyalty and dedication of his students.


James also has something else to celebrate; this is the 45th year that he has been practicing martial arts. To commemorate this milestone, James has been working extra hard, sometimes putting in over ninety hours a week. The big push has paid off; James has just had his third martial arts book published, Ju-Jutsu ‘A Comprehensive Guide’. Additionally James has had documented on seventeen DVD’s some of the arts and techniques he has developed. This may not sound much but it is a visual record of thousands of martial arts techniques.


James today is recognised as an international martial arts author and globally as a Martial Arts Grand Master. This is a fantastic achievement from a midlands man.


James’s philosophy is: To do nothing is to achieve nothing, to achieve an ambition you must be unwavering.

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