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The Internet Warrior

Posted on October 8, 2009 at 12:12 PM

The Internet Warrior


This is a complete new breed of Warrior; He or she has the PC or lap top on twenty four seven, ready to deliver a ferocious attack from his or her key board. These warrior’s are super fast and deadly at posting there murderous views.


They are ranked by the amount of posting they have on the forum, some have in excess of 4000 postings! While to the layman this seems impossible, to this new breed of warrior the arduous hours of trawling, radiated eyes from looking constantly at a monitor and sore finger tips makes them the elite of elite.


To other forum member’s these soldiers of righteousness are demy gods. Like most gods of legends they have fierce titles like, Jihad Assassin, Punk Slayer, Eternal Wolf and Martial Dominator.


It has to be said, when these internet combatants join forces they are a force equal to an internet tsunami, sending out word waves of destruction, destroying every plausible defence put forward.


The war they wage is against those who have defiled the martial arts global community by not being a citizen of the country of origin that they portray through the martial arts they practice and teach. What is even more contemptible is these individuals then gone on to achieve an elevated status in martial arts. This to this new age internet warrior means only one things, let the battle of brutal words begin.


Each internet warrior has a platform to fight from, this is called a forum. The strongest army of these warriors is on Bullshido forum. They are the S.A.S of internet warriors. Other forums have banned for life some of these fearless warriors for unscrupulous written attacks. However this has not deterred these invincible warrior, he or she often re-invents a new email account and profile and they are then back in the war.


Outside the battle zoned internet, these warriors are expects at stealth, perfectly blending in with the local communities. Some are housewives, other’s mere college students and some are lonely men. What they all have in common is the revulsion for martial arts achievers.

This loathing is often derived from past experiences they had had. The college student, who has gone to a martial arts class and found it difficult to complete a single press up and is humiliated, the women who wanted her child to be black belt but the child could not do a single technique correctly. And lastly we come to the lonely man, his anger is overwhelming, he got to be a black belt once, a long time ago but, then never made the grade for higher dan gradings. It’s not his fault; it’s just that nobody likes him.


Through these humiliations and hardships a new a deadly internet warrior has been borne, one who now unleashes a fury on the martial arts world like none before, the internet warrior.


One should ask, how serious are these internet warriors taken by the global martial arts community? Well by the information presented, they have no expertise in martial arts and for those who have a small amount of experience, are they really competent to judge other’s who have achieved success through years of hard work and dedication. The answer is they are disregarded as total idiots. ‘The way to be nothing is to do nothing’.

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