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Over a number of years Professor. James Moclair has been writing books for publication. These books are still in progress of being wrote and published. Recently a development was made and his first book was printed. The books that Professor. Moclair are writing are not sport style systems. This is true of the styles he teaches and no sport martial arts will be taught by Professor. Moclair Soke 10th Dan.

The first book that has been printed is a book aimed and practitioners and non-practitioners of martial arts. It is a "novice to intermediate book" which has been thought about a lot. It includes all of the syllabus work from novice to intermediate grades at Tai Jutsu Kwai. The book also has all of the important self defence routines which are street effective, and the true aim of a martial art.

The Book is titled: "A Breath of Fresh Air, Novice to Intermediate, Kempo Karate".

The aim of the book is to promote true martial arts and give people a better chance of survival if they should ever be attacked. It is also a way of preserving traditional techniques and show unusual techniques within the Kempo Karate systems that are unique and not found in other styles of Karate such as Shotokan or Wado-Ryu.

The books that Professor. Moclair is currently writing and has written, will and are already available through various shops including the Tai Jutsu Kwai Website by clicking on the add to basket button above and internet shops (such as Waterstones, Amazon, WHSmith.) across the globe. So its not hard to get a copy! All you will need is the ISBN number : 1-4259-3029-8.

The Book "A Breath of Fresh Air" Kempo Karate

has been published by Authorhouse.

About the book

A  journey  starts  with  the  first  step  and  your  martial  arts  career  starts  when you   first  step  into  a  Dojo  (martial arts training hall). My  book  will help  people  of  all  ages  who  have  never  done  any  karate  before  to  understand  the  basic techniques  with  step  by  step  guidance  and  take  you  on  an  exiting  journey  from  novice  to  intermediate  level. More  importantly  you  will  learn  a comprehensive  range  of  practical  self  defence  routines  that  are  simple to follow.


Even  if  you  have  practiced  another  style  of   karate  or  other  martial  art  you will,  with  the  easy  to  follow  photographic  illustrations   be  able  to  gain  new  and  sometimes  quite  unique  skills  quite  quickly  and  that  will  be  of  great  benefit  to  your  own  martial art.


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I also believe that your mental attitude is greatly altered by the way that you train. This reminds me of that great saying “Train hard fight easy” “Train easy Fight hard”

P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude.) If you believe that you can achieve something then the only thing that stands in your way is the hard work ahead but in time you will eventually be a winner. However if you think this looks too hard for me then you are a loser. I have always enjoyed a good hard training session. To be good at anything you must work hard at it. It is only through repetition that you will master a martial art. And it is only through having a good positive mental attitude that any goal or ambition in life can be achieved.


Training in a martial arts has numerous benefits, you will get fit, fitness is so important. You cannot expect to be a first class martial artist if your level of fitness is poor. Further to be able to fight in a real situation you will need all the stamina you can muster. Building and feeling confident about yourself is another benefit that comes with the martial arts training. The confidence you will feel will expand into all aspects of your life and that alone is worth a pot of gold. Another big benefit is that training in martial arts calms you down, you can let out your aggressions with a good work out and when you have been training for a while you start to feel relaxed in you view of life. The bonus benefit is that you will meet some real nice people and make some good friends. 


Over the years that I have practiced my martial arts I have seen that the world is far more violent now then when I first started. Muggings, robbery, rape, burglary and car crimes and murder are happening every second of every day and the police are like a dog without teeth. It may sound harsh to say this about the police but see how many of the crimes I have mentioned being solved and the criminals put in jail……………..

I rest my case.




After the success of James’s first book;

A Breath of Fresh Air- Kempo Karate - Novice to Intermediate”

The martial art world has waited in eagerness for his next book.


The wait is now over!

A Breath of Fresh Air - Kempo Karate - Intermediate to Advanced is here!!!


About the book


The author  has once again shown that he is a true master of the art of Kempo Karate by explaining in explicit detail the intricacies of techniques that have eluded many martial artist’s.


What is even more amazing is that James has taken the ideology and concepts on the fascinating martial art and added his own martial experience to it to create a style that is unique to him. The system is a self defence martial art and deals with realistic attacks that are happening every day, on every street around the world!


Each technique throughout this book flows in a natural martial manner. Add to this the easy to follow photographic illustrations and vividly written explanations and what the reader will get is a visual and mental self-assurance that will inspire them to try these techniques out in there own martial arts club.


 What is even more beneficial to the reader is that once you have tried, practised and mastered these techniques, you will have the ability to defend yourself against some extreme attacks. Now that is life saving and has to be priceless!


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Even if you yourself are an experienced martial artist, from a completely different martial background, this book will also benefit you. Some of the author’s techniques are practical but absolutely unique, why not utilize and adapt them in with your own art or style; you have nothing to lose and some fantastic self defence concepts to gain.

Right from the start of this book, I introduced some revolutionary blocking/parrying techniques; I would go as far as to say that they are quite unique to the kempo karate system I teach. Well now you are in for some more radical, but highly practical ideas that as far as I am aware, have never been seen in any other martial arts system! These blocking/parrying techniques have been developed by myself over the many years that I have spent studying the martial arts and are what I believe to be the “missing techniques” from other martial arts systems.


As a person becomes more experienced in martial arts, they also become more mentally aware of a potential attack. Some would describe this as the development of a sixth “martial” sense, I would personally describe this as being more street aware through stringent realistic martial training. Holding that thought, the next range of blocks/parries are all about reacting instinctively before the attacker actually gets a hold of you and comes under the heading of double blocks/double parries. To sum up, the idea is that the attacker never has a chance to lay a hand or hands on you!


About the Author


James Moclair is a Professor of BuJutsu, (Japanese martial arts). He is a professional martial arts teacher and had been doing martial arts for forty two years. James has an impressive career that has taken him around the world and has even been World Champion and Gold medallist representing England.


James’s current martial arts grades are, Soke Shodai 10th Dan Ju-jutsu, 8th Dan Karate, 8th Dan Ko-Budo, 6th Dan Aiki-jutsu, 5th Dan Judo, Ki master. This indeed is an outstanding achievement and has only come about by years of dedication and hard work.


What is even more impressive that James spends over seventy six hours a week at his Dojo, (martial arts centre) where he teaches and keeps up his own training. And if you think that is impressive let me tell you that he also does this seven days a week.


When James is relaxing he likes to play video games and his favourites are the martial beat up games. He also likes to read a good book and has read several hundreds of books.  





JU-Jutsu A Comprehensive Guide


This is James's latest book. It is a comprehensive guide into the art of Ju-Jutsu.

This book is a 'must have' for both the beginner and experienced practitioner of Ju-Jutsu and other combative martial arts


This Is James's new book, published on 23-05-2013 called S.P.A.C.E 

It is James's first science fictional Book.






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