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Dojo Rules


T.J.K, Dojo Rules and Etiquette.

Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre is a professional, purpose built Dojo (Martial Arts Training Centre).

The following rules and etiquette are to be observed at all times.

1. All members and none members will remove their shoes before entering the dojo. You can place your shoes in the shoe rack in the cloakroom.

2. No sweets, crisps, gum, food or beverages of any kind will be allowed on the Dojo. If you want to drink or eat then this can be done in the reception area outside the dojo.

3. The Building has a no smoking policy.  No smoking in the dojo or Building at any time by students or spectators.

4. No profanity or abusive language will be allowed in the dojo.

3. All members will bow entering and leaving the Dojo.

4. All members will bow to Sensei/Soke at the start and finish of each class.

5. All members will bow when coming onto and leaving the dojo Tatami (mat area. If a higher grade then yourself is on the Tatami then stand on the side, raise your hand up to attract his/her attention and enter the tatami with a bow to that individual.

6. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are to be observed at all times.

7. Keep your fingernails and toenails short at all times.

8. Keep your uniform (gi) neat and clean at all times.

9. Do not wear rings, jewellery or any other metal ornaments in the Dojo when training

10. Do not leave personal belongings in the dojo changing areas.

11. Turn your mobile phone off when you enter the dojo.

12. Do not come to class while intoxicated. Do not consume any alcohol before a class or practice.

13. Do not run in the dojo.

14. Help students below your rank with knowledge.

15. Refrain from misusing your martial arts knowledge.

16. Do not show anyone who is not a club member any martial arts techniques and do not demonstrate in public.

17. Stay out of fights unless impossible to avoid. Report all fights to Sensei/Soke within 24 hours.

18. Do not criticize other members at anytime.

19. Be on time for class, or inform the Sensei that you will be late.  

20. The instructor is to be called Sensei/Soke at all times while in the dojo.

21. Signs and periodic postings are to be observed at all times.

22. Strive to promote the true spirit of martial arts by the development of:

(1) Respect (Courtesy to others)

(2) Character (Mental development)

(3) Humility (Never lose sight of your shortcomings)

(4) Health (Physical development)

(5) Skill (Proficiency in the arts you learn.)


23. In matter's that concern Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre or Professor James Moclair, press releases, written comments or internet posting should first of all be approved by Professor James Moclair. Failure to do so, can/will result in termination of membership.



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