Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts 

Forget the Rest! Train With the Best!

Instructional DVD's by James Moclair Soke Shodai

All of the DVD's on this page are available to purchase at Tai Jutsu Kwai Dojo.


Ju-Jutsu Novice to White Belt

Ju-Jutsu White to Yellow Belt DVD

JU-Jutsu Yellow Belt to Orange Belt DVD

Ju-Jutsu Orange Belt to Green Belt DVD 

Kempo Karate Novice to Orange Belt DVD

Combination Techniques DVD


100 Throwing Techniques DVD

Kime NO Kata DVD

Aiki-Jutsu 1st to 4th Form Plus Practical Aiki-Jutsu DVD

Practical Weapon Defences DVD

Atemi Points DVD

Tonfa DVD

Counter Techniques DVD

Ju-Jutsu Blue Brown & Black Belt DVD (A Real Classic)



Sai Dagger, Kama Sickle and Hand Bo-Te DVD

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