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Professor James Moclair Soke Shodai



James Moclair started his martial arts career over five decades ago.

James Moclair's achievements, his instructors and those who graded are listed below;

Sensei P Murphy (the name is open for correction) (IMAF), Ju-jutsu, judo (1962/3  At this point of time James also had numerous other judo instructors from Fisher & Ludlow Judo Club, Dunlop Judo club and Hardy Spicer Judo Club. He was member of the Amateur Judo Association and took Kyu Judo grading with this association.

Sensei R Rich, (Hachi Shin Kai Dojo) Aiki-do  1969-73

Sensei T Ryan, (Hachi Shin Kai Dojo) (Goshin Shin Kai Dojo) Goshin Jutsu, Judo, Karate .1967-75

Sensei M Chapman, (Hachi Shin Kai Dojo) Goshin Jutsu , Karate .1967 -70

Sensei G Williams, (Hachi Shin Kai Dojo) Aiki-do and Ko-Budo , weaponry.1972-73. It was with G.Williams Sensei that James’s keen interest in weapon training began and where he leaned some of the basic skills that he would build upon for the rest of his martial arts career. 

Sensei L Hart, (Hachi Shin Kai Dojo) Aiki-do 1972-73 and for kyu grading, at course and grading times. L Hart trained with the famous Abbe Sensei.

R Bleakman Sensei 9th Dan, Budo of Great Britain, (Kyu Shin Kan Dojo). 1962-1978. It was under R Bleakman Sensei 9th Dan that James was awarded his 5th Dan Atemi Jutsu, Goshin Jutsu  and Ju-Jutsu. James was also dan graded in 3rd Dan Aikido, 3rd  Dan Judo and 3rd Dan karate with the said venerable gentleman. James further studied Kenjutsu and Kendo with R Bleakman.

 In 1978-79 and 1980 James was also a member of the British Ju-Jutsu Association and World Ju-Jutsu Federation in both organisations, James held the grade of 4th and consecutively 5th dan Ju-jutsu, Goshin Jutsu and Atemi Jutsu. The patrons of both of these organisation were listed as; Dr R Sacharnoski 10th Dan and Soke J Blundell 9th Dan.

 James further had his grades endorsed by the (M.A.C,) Martial Arts Commission, a body set up by the UK Sports Council for the recognition of martial arts in the United Kingdom.

In 1979, James Moclair along with another gentleman, Professor G Salder’s  BJJA and WJ-JF representative and Martial arts Commission representative for the West Midlands whom James had started training with, jointly they set up their own martial arts organisation, Budo Kai, United Kingdom Ju-Jutsu Federarion. It was with G Salders that over the next few years that James progressed to 6th Dan Ju-jutsu, Goshin Jutsu, Atemi Jutsu and Kempo Jutsu and also furthered enhanced his dan grades in Judo 4th Dan, Aiki-jutsu 4th Dan and Kempo Karate 4th Dan.

 1979 was the year that Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial arts group was founded by James Moclair, It was also a land mark year for James as this was also the year that he started teaching martial arts professionally.

 1980 -1981, James Moclair and G Salders had and owned a full time Dojo in the Redditch, England. This was the then head quarters for Budo Kai U.K.J.J.F.

 James left Budo Kai, United Kingdom Ju-Jutsu Association amicably with an end of his business partnership with G Salders in 1981.  

 After liaising with Frank Newton Sensei, Isle of Man. James Moclair grade of 6th Dan Ju-Jutsu was also certified through the American Ju-Jutsu Association. Frank Newton Sensei also had James’s grades certified through other associations he was involved with.

 In 1981 the World -British Federation of Martial Arts was founded and at that point of James’s position and title within this group was World Director/General Secretary.

 In 1981 with James’s experience in martial arts he wrote a syllabus for Ju-Jutsu, Karate, Judo and Aiki Jutsu. These syllabuses were produced into small booklets and were adopted by some of the groups within the W.B.F.O.M.A as there syllabus. This same syllabus is used throughout the Tai Jutsu Kwai group and is used right up to day.

1981. James Moclair made the first training Ju-Jutsu syllabus video of the of the Tai Jutsu Kwai Ju-Jutsu system now known as Eikoku-Ryu Tai-Jutsu Renmei . The video covered all grades ranges from novice to black belt 1st Dan and was filmed at the Astral Club Castle Vale Birmingham England.  

 James has always had a passion for KI (internal power) and has taken every opportunity to study this. It was in 1981 that James first demonstrated his Ki power to the general public at his martial arts demonstration. These demonstrations grew so popular over the years, that by 1992 several hundreds would turn up to observe this spectacular annual event.

 1981-1988, James was employed by Dudley Physical Education Department on a Supply Teacher bases, to teach Judo to Schools throughout the Dudley Borough UK.

 1981 -1990, James was employed by Birmingham Adult Education Department as Karate and Self Defence Instructor.

 1982-1984, James was employed by Birmingham Social Services Department as a Karate and Self Defence Instructor to run classes for underprivileged Children.

 The WBFOMA grew in stature and in a meeting in 1983 a management board was set up the handle the general affairs of the federation. The federation now had a President, Chairman, Registration officer and James Moclair title changed to World co-ordinator/General Secretary and Treasurer.

Also in 1983 the WBFOMA had strong ties with the British Amateur Karate Association (A.K.A). The said association issued James Moclair with a licence number 18870 and the grade of 6th Dan.

In 1984 James Moclair along with other like minded martial artist set up the British Nunchaku Association, tournament were held regionally and then nationally and it was in the 1985 British Championships that James Moclair competed and took the title of British Freestyle Nunchaku Champion.

 In 1984 talks were underway with the World Council for Ju-Jutsu Organisations and the W.B.F.O.M.A was appointed to hold the World Ju-Jutsu Games for the year 1986. It was at these games; James demonstrated his Ju-Jutsu and weapon skills and was crowned Gold medallist and World Ju-Jutsu Demonstration Champion.

Note, The World Ju-Jutsu Games for 1986 were held in Shed 4, Docklands, London, England. The games were sponsored by the London Dockland  Development Corporation and the W.B.F.O.M.A. M.S.P (Marketing Support Partnership) also help with administration and various arrangements.

For the seminar after the games the main instructor was; Professor Wally Jay 10th Dan.

1984-1995, James was employed by Birmingham Recreation Department as a Professional Instructor to teach Karate.

 In19??(No exact date can be found on this, at time of publication) James was instrumental in setting up for the W.B.F.O.M.A a Nine Country International Independent Grading Board. Each member of this panel was within their own right, a highly respected martial artist within the world arena of martial arts. The Purpose of this International Independent Grading Board was for W.B.F.O.M.A members who were eligible for grade promotions of fifth dan and above to have their grades not only certified by the W.B.F.O.M.A but also by the International Grading Panel.

 1986 the W.B.F.O.M.A Awarded James; his 7th Dan Ju-jutsu, Taijutsu, Goshin Jutsu and Atemi Jutsu, 7th Dan Kempo Karate, 7th Dan Kobudo these grades and James’s other grades were also certified unanimously through the International Grading Board.

It was also about this time that James would also be known as Professor Moclair, this was in recognition for his outstanding abilities within the martial arts.

 In the early 1991, James went to attend a weapon course by Soke R Sacharnoski in Dallas U.S. At this course James was also able to show his immense weapon skills and after the course James was invited to the Sacharnoski's Soke home for a meal. At the end of the meal  Sacharnoski Soke awarded James the title of Hanshi and 8th Dan Ju-Jutsu, this grade was also awarded unanimously by the W.B.F.O.M.A International Grading Board.

In 1991 James Moclair was awarded his 8th Dan in Kempo Karate, 8th Dan Ko-Budo and 5th dan Judo. These grades were issued by R Sacharnoski Soke, Juko-Kai International, Central Hombu, IOMAU, Okinawa/Japan, Seidokan Renmei, Okinawa/Japan, Dai Yoshin-Ryu Budo/Bugei-Kia, Japan. These grades were also certified unanimously by the W.B.F.O.M.A International Grading Board. On the board was Grand Master S Heremaia New Zealand, who is now 10th Dan. S Heremaia was graded to 10th Dan by Great Grand Master W Jay.

All certificates issued by Juko Kai have also been countersigned by Shian Toma Soke 10th Dan, Seidokan.

1992 brought James further recognition of 8th Dan Ju-Jutsu by his grade being certified through the European Ju-Jutsu Federation and signed by Vernon C.F Bell. Certificate ref no, 6907/b.

 James had been for some time involved in N.V.Q’s (National Vocational Qualifications) for martial arts. He had set up the N.V.Q Martial Arts Assessment Consortium and in 1993. City & Guilds award James as the centre head, N.V.Q status to start N.V.Q qualifications in Martial Arts. City & Guilds registration no 024743

This later changed from City & Guilds to R.S.A. (Royal Society of Arts). To this day James Moclair is still, N.V.Q Martial Arts Consortium Centre Head with R.S.A.

 By 1994 discussions were underway to set up a forum for all martial arts in the UK. James attended these discussions and was then a founder member of; U.K.M.A.F (United Kingdom martial Arts Forum) James was elected as the Secretary of the U.K.M.A.F. and held that position for one year.

 1995, James, along with other like minded Totally Professional Martial Artist set up The Guild Of Professional Martial Artist. This exclusive group would only accept members who meet the criteria of being a true professional martial arts teacher.  

 Also on 13-02-1995, James opened his Full time Dojo in Dudley, West Midlands, England. The Martial Arts Centre is named Tai Jutsu Kwai. The centre is still open today and is James's, "Headquarters and Hombu Dojo."

 On the 22nd June 1996 James was back in the U.S.A attending a Combat Ki Clinic under R Sacharnoski Soke. James went to learn more about R Sacharnoski Soke methods of Ki and internal power.

 In November 1996 James was awarded his 9th Dan in Tai-jutsu, Kempo-jutsu, Atemi-Jutsu and also his 6th Dan Aiki-jutsu by Soke R Sacharnoski, Juko-Kai International, Central Hombu, IOMAU, Okinawa/Japan, Seidokan Renmei, Okinawa/Japan, Dai Yoshin-Ryu Budo/Bugei-Kia, Japan. These grades were also certified by the W.B.F.O.M.A. All certifates issued by Juko Kai have also been countersigned by Shian Toma Soke 10th Dan Seidokan.

 It was also in the same year 1996 that James was appointed Great Britain Represenative to Juko-Kia International, All Okinawan Martial Arts union, Okinawa/Japan, All Okinawan Seidokan Motobu-ryu Martial Arts Renmei, Okinawa/Japan, All Seibukan Martial Arts & Ways Association Kyoyo, Japan.

 Although James was known as Professor Moclair, it was in 1997 that James was bestowed with the title of Professor of Bu-Jutsu. This prestigious title was from Juko-Kai International, All Okinawan Martial Arts union, Okinawa/Japan, All Okinawan Seidokan Motobu-ryu Martial Arts Renmei, Okinawa/Japan.

 In 1997 James Moclair resigned from the W.B.F.O.M.A.

 1997, James Moclair was recognised as the Headmaster and President of Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei, his own martial arts association by; Juko-Kai International, All Okinawan Martial Arts union, Okinawa/Japan, All Okinawan Seidokan Motobu-ryu Martial Arts Renmei, Okinawa/Japan, All Seibukan Martial Arts & Ways Association Kyoyo, Japan. Reg no 0697. James grades under Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei are; 9th Dan Ju-Jutsu in Tai-jutsu, Kempo-jutsu, Atemi-Jutsu, Goshin-Jutsu, 8th Dan Kempo Karate, 8th Dan Kobudo, 6th Dan Aiki-jutsu, 5th Dan Judo.

 Also in 1997 James set up Bushi Kai International, this was James’s own martial arts organisation and its purpose is to offer its members licensing, grade certification, courses, insurance and all the other benefits of such an organisation.

 1997, James grades under Bushi Kai International are; 9th Dan Ju-Jutsu in Tai-jutsu, Kempo-jutsu, Atemi- Jutsu, Goshin Jutsu, 8th Dan Kempo Karate, 8th Dan Kobudo, 6th Dan Aiki-jutsu, 5th Dan Judo.

1998. James Moclair’s Ju-Jutsu syllabus from novice to black belt 1st Dan was for the second time filmed and put onto video. The objective was to provide the Tai Jutsu Kwai students with an up to date training aid and to show the progress the system had achieved since the earlier filming in 1981.

 1999, James along with seven of his dan grades travelled to U.S.A to once again meet and take part in Soke R Sacharnoski Ki seminars. It was at the seminar held in Murphy North Carolina U.S.A, that James was offered his Sokeship and 10th Dan. James did not pursue this, as he felt he was not ready to be a tenth dan.

 In 1999 James set up his own Ki division under; Bushi Kai International  and he also set up his own unique grading process for combat ki. The gruelling final stage for Ki master has only been completed by a few individuals, James is one of these elite people. 

 In the year 2000 James had developed his own unique grading system, this is based on his experience with N.V.Q’s. (National Vocational Qualifications). The new grading system was introduced to all Tai Jutsu Kwai students.

 On the 1st January 2005 James was awarded his 10th Dan in Ju-Jutsu in the styles of, Tai Jutsu, Goshin Jutsu, Atemi Jutsu  and Kempo Jutsu  from Bushi Kai International and also the title of Soke.

 2005, The Guild of Professional Martial Arts unanimously approved of Professor James Moclair’s 10th Dan in Ju-Jutsu in the styles of, Tai Jjutsu , Goshin Jutsu, Atemi Jutsu and Kempo Jutsu and the title of Soke Shodai.

 2005, After four decades of practising martial arts, James Moclair has constantly evaluated the efficiency and practical application of each technique within the arts he has studied and teaches. With James’s life long endeavour for martial perfection. All of the Arts and Styles that James now teaches have his own unique interpretation. The Ju-Jutsu Arts and styles he teaches are unique to him, as are the Kempo Karate , Ko-Budo, Aiki-Jutsu, Combat Judo and Combat Ki .  All of these arts come under James's own Ryu,  Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei.

In September 2006, Professor James became an Author with his first book being published, the title “A Breath of Fresh Air” Kempo Karate, Novice to Intermediate. This book has 330 images in it, The photographers for all these photographs were James Moclair and Lee Hemmings. Every photogragh taken for this book has been personally edited by James Moclair and that also includes the insertion of all the arrows etc. The front and back cover designs were designed by James Moclair. James Moclair has also taken full responsibility for proof reading the book. James will be the first to admit that academically he is not the brightest star in the sky when it comes to spelling and grammar, so if you find one or two mistakes, remember no one is perfect. The book went on sale and is available at 25,000 outlets around the world. James is at present writing books about all of the other Martial Arts he teaches.

In September 2006, James produced a Kempo Karate DVD that was designed to compliment his book "A Breath of Fresh Air Kempo" Karate Novice to Intermediate. This was and still is available through Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre.

 August 2007, Hanshi Professor A. S. Thornton, Soke Shodai 10th Dan of the Senai Seisshinryu Shihandokai Karate-Do Jutsu has fully recognised in a formal document that; James Moclair 10th Dan is the 1st Generation Soke of the Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei and has the title of Soke Shodai. Further James Moclair is awarded 4th Dan Karate in  Senai Seisshinryu Shihandokai Karate-Do Jutsu.


 On 1st September 2007, James was awarded 8th Dan / Hachidan "Master" recognition in Shoshin Goshin Jutsu by Soke J Cuevas 10th Dan of the Shoshin Bujutsu Kai. Registration number; SG1-755. James is a lifetime member of  Shoshin Bujutsu Kai. Soke J Cuevas 10th Dan is Vice President of the Soke Menkyo Kai.

 Sept 2007, Grandmaster B Hohle 10th Dan Soke, President of the Martial Arts Association- International, awarded James Moclair 10th Dan (Judan) in Ju-Jutsu, Tai Jutsu.

 Sept, 2007 James is accepted as a lifetime member of the  Martial Arts Association- International, with the grades of; 10th Dan Ju-Jutsu, 8th Dan Karate, 8th Dan Ko-Budo, 6th Dan Aiki-jutsu, 5th Dan Judo.

 On the 23rd September 2007 the World Hombu Budo / Bugei Kokusai Renmie MMA-I awarded James Moclair the rank of, Judan 10th Dan in Ju-Jutsu, Tai Jutsu. World Hombu Budo / Bugei Kokusai Renmie MMA-I are affiliates to: Kokusai Aikijitsu Kai Renmei- Tokyo Japan. International Okinawa Kobudo Assoc - Okinawan. Internatioanal Karate Union - Palestine / Japan. Goshin Ju Jitsu Kai International - USA/ Japan.

 At the same time the; Martial Arts Association- International issued an International Membership Certificate to; Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei, James Moclair Soke.

 Sept 2007, James Moclair is recognised as a "Grandmaster" by the International Board of Black Belts and the World Black Belt Council.

 Sept 2007, The International  Grandmaster Committee & World Ambassador Council, International Council of Higher Martial Arts Education awarded James Moclair the title of "Honourable Grandmaster" and James is now registered in the Who is Who encyclopaedia of Martial Arts.

 October 2007, James Moclair is accepted as a member of World Kempo Association.

October 2007. Black Belt International accepted James Moclair as a member with the grade of 10th Dan Ju-Jutsu. BBI Member ID: 945 

 01-Nov-2007, Prof James Moclair was issued with an Instructors Certificate and Licence No. 0618-3333 with the rank of 10th Dan-Soke Shodai in the martial arts system of Eikoku-Ryu Tai Jutsu from the  The World Organizer of Martial Arts INC.USA. and WOMA International Council For Higher Martial Arts Science Edudcation INC. The certificate is signed by the Board of Regent as a Recognised Instructor by the International Instructors Federation and accredited in Professional Education & Training by The European Union Quality Assurance.

 01-Nov-2007, The World Organizer of Martial Arts INC. USA. and WOMA International Council For Higher Martial Arts Science Edudcation INC awarded a certificate of rank recognition to Professor James Moclair Soke Shodai 10th Dan Eikoku Ryu Tai Jutsu. Signed by Prof. Dr M J Tianero, PhD MA. Prof. Reynaldo V Diaz, PhD MA. Prof. Dominador N Gaballero Jr PhD MA. Prof. A D Santos Jr. Sheikh/Dr Al-Atiq. At the same time a certificate was also issued stating that Professor James Moclair is a bonafide  Life Member of the The World Organizer of Martial Arts registration No 0618-333.

 01-Nov- 2007 Professor James Moclair is made a Lifetime Member of the International Grandmaster Society with the title of  "Honourable Grandmaster" Registration No. 9897-3333.At the same time James was also bestowed with the same title and Lifetime Membership by the World Head of Society International Council of Masters and Grandmaster. A Martial Arts Division of The World Organiser of Martial Arts.

 01-Nov-2007 Bushido Budo Ryu issued a "Certificate of Honour" to Prof. James Moclair. The certificate is from Ibrahim "TAKAMORI" Al-Hawaj Founder & Chairman of the Saudi Kendo & Iaido Organization. 

 10th-Nov-2007, The World Organizer of Martial Arts, Recognised by World Soke Head Council of Japan issued Prof. James Moclair with a Certificate of International Rank Recognition as Soke Shodai 10th Dan in the art of  Eikoku-Ryu Tai Jutsu.

November 10th 2007, In full accordance with the established standards set forth by The Senai Seisshinryu Shihandokai Karate-Do Jutsu. James Moclair has been awarded 5th Dan -Godan in the style of Senai Seisshinryu Shihandokai Karate-Do Jutsu.

 November 18th 2007. The Soke Menkyo Kai an extremely elite organisation of Sokeship (heads and founders) has recognised James Moclair as Soke Shodai, First Generation Founder of the Eikoku-Ryu Tai Jutsu Martial Arts System. As a recognised head and founder of his own style of martial art, James can grade up to 10th Dan. James was also elected to act as the European Representative of this prestigious organisation. For details follow the link. http://www.freewebs.com/soke-menkyo-kai-europe  

 Dec 1st 2007. United Sokeship Alliance International, accepted James as a lifetime member. Soke James Moclair / 10th Dan * Eikoku Ryu Tai Jutsu. Registration # US2007JM-1, Certificate # JM12207.

 Dec 1st 2007 Seishinryoku Do Jujutsu International appointed Soke James Moclair 10th Dan - National Director (England).

 05-12-2007. James is appointed as United Kingdom  Coordinator to the World Organisation of Self Defence as a Master Teacher, Expert. James registration number is 758996.    www.wosd.org

 14-12-2007. The Fighting Arts Brotherhood Hall of Fame inducted James Moclair for his contribution to the growth of Martial Arts World Wide and also awarded him "Founder of the Year 2007". The Director of  SDJI & USAI  along with a council member awarded James Lifetime Membership into the The Fighting Arts Brotherhood Hall of Fame.

 14-12-2007. Certificate reg SDJI14 issued by the Seishinryoku Do Jujutsu International awarded James Moclair Professor 6th Dan in the Jujutsu system of Seishinryuku Do Jujutsu.

 28-12-2007. A black belt certificate is issued certifying that Professor James Moclair has attained the level of Soke 10th Dan Hanshi with the World Ju-Jutsu / Aiki - Bujutsu Federation. 

 01-02-2008.  James is recognised as a World Master 10th Dan Soke Shodai with THE WORLD MARTIAL ARTS FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY.

 01-02-2008. Professor James Moclair is awarded 7th Dan Shihan in Nippon Yawara Ryu Aiki-Ju-Jutsu Renmei, he is also a life time member, certificate number 9028.

01-03-2008. James Moclair constructed a web site that is dedicated to Old video and DVD's of the Old Masters and people who have inspired the practice of martial arts.


01-04-2008. Soke James Moclair's latest book, A Breath of Fresh Air, Kempo Karate, Intermediate to Advanced was published and released for sale and is available at 25,000 outlets around the world. The book has 423 pages and over 350 images, as with James's first book, he and Lee Hemmings took all the photographs. Every photogragh taken for this book has been personally edited by James Moclair and that also includes the insertion of all the arrows etc. The front and back cover designs were designed by James Moclair.  James is now recognised as a true international martial arts author.

20-04-2008.  The World Jug Tai Association issued a Life Membership certificate to Grandmaster James Moclair. Cert No 298/8 as a world wide recognition of membership.

30-04-2008. The World Jug Tai Association, Office of International Affairs & the Division of Martial Arts Center for Martial Arts Research issued a certifcate of founder recognition that reads: This is to certify that Soke James Moclair from England Recognized as the Head and Founder of the martial Arts Style Eikoku Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmie Rank Grandmaster Founder.  Certificate No. 301-8/JM.

17-05-2008. James Moclair is recognized by the World Jug-Tai Head Society, Heads & Founders Society of International Styles as a Grandmaster and Head and Founder of Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie. 

01-06-2008. James Moclair constructed a web site for anyone interested in Nunchaku. http://www.freewebs.com/nunchaku

7-05-2008. James Moclair is recognized by the World Jug-Tai Head Society, Heads & Founders Society of International Styles as a Grandmaster and Head and Founder of Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie. 

01-08-2008. James Moclair is a member of the Australian Ju-Jutsu Federation Incorporated with the grade of Judan 10th Dan under the system of Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie. This federation is affiliated to All Japan Ju-Jutsu International Federation and Daito Ryu Renmei International.

05-08-2008. Brotherhood of Martial Arts Instructors issued certification of Life Membership No 000093 to James Moclair stating that he has fulfilled the requirements of the Brotherhood and is recognised as Soke Shodai in the system Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie. 

01-09-2008. James Moclair is registered with the World Severe Assault Federation PAKISTAN as 10th Dan Soke. Professor James Moclair is also Senior Representative and President, Severe Assault Federation Of  ENGLAND.

27-10-2008. James Moclair Soke Shodai is awarded the Samurai Spirit Award 2008 from the Soke Menkyo Kai.

15-12-2008. The MARTIAL ARTS OLYMPIC COMMITTEE ORGANIZATION IRAN - TEHRAN has registered Professor James Moclair as a certified member. 

22-12-2008. James Moclair became a fully certified member of the World Grand Masters Union with the tittle of Grandmaster.

18-01-2009. Professor James Moclair is appointed as the England Representative for the Martial Arts National United Union. Code Number REWMSKP/2009/06.

18-01-09. A Freindship alliance has been set up between Tai Jutsu Kwai and MANUU.

18-01-09. Martial Arts National United Union issued a diploma of grade stating that Professor James Moclair is 10th Dan under the MANUU. Code Number WMSKP/2009/05.

20-01-2009. The World Grand Master's Union appointed Professor James Moclair as its Official Representative for England.   

20-01-2009. World Rand Full Contact Karate, appointed Professor James Moclair as its Official Representative for England. 

13-02-2009. To acknowledge his martial arts skills, Professor James Moclair has been issued with a rank diploma for 10th Dan from theWorld J.F.C Federation. He has also been issued with a certificate appointing him as the Official J.F.C Federation Representative for England. The W.J.F.C Federation has also issued an Instructors Licence to Professor James Moclair for one year. Code Number JFC/01316496750. 

13-02-2009. The World J.F.C Federation issued a certificate of Red Belt to Professor James Moclair. Code Number: Red Belt / JFC /13571975.  This is the highest awarded belt in martial arts. 

23-02-2009. In recognition of the great progress and contributions James has made through the diligent study and development of martial arts, Soke James Moclair has been awarded JUDAN - 10th DAN in Ju-Jitsu by the International Governing Body and Officials of the All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation.

23-02-2009. The Governing Body and International Headquarters of Traditional & Combat Ju-Jitsu Wordwide, the All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation gave Soke James Moclair a Life Time Membership Award. Life Member Number; AJJIF/013-UK. http://www.ajjif.org/ajjif_members

03-03-2009. Grandmaster, Professor James Moclair is appointed as President of the Martial Arts Olympic Commitee Organization for England by the Martial Arts Olympic Commitee Organization.

30-04-2009. Professor James Moclair Soke Shodai 10th Dan became the Eikoku-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei Representative for England for ChunJiDo International. http://www.chunjidointernational.com/affiliates/officers James is also a life member of ChunJiDo International. 

18-05-2009. The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union (IMAU) accepted James Moclair 10th Dan Soke Shodai as a Life Member cert no: 690. At the same time James was also appointed the Intercontinental Director for England

18-05-2009. The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union (IMAU) bestowed a certificate of rank recognition to James Moclair stating that James Moclair shall be recognized Internationally as 10th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts System of Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie.

18-05-2009. The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union Sokeship Council after a through review and unanimous decision recognised James Moclair as the Soke / Founder of Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie. The certificate reads, The IMAU Sokeship Council Agrees That The above Named Individual Has Completed All Of the Reqiurements Set Forth By this Council For Sokeship. In So Doing We Are Proud TO Officially Confer Upon Them This Certificate. 

18-05-2009. The WHCMA - World Headmasters Council of Martial Arts is sponsored by Gunshi Williams who has succession authority through the lineage of Tanomo Saigo to award Sokeships to anyone deemed qualified. James Moclair Sokeship has been reigistered UNDER THE SAIGO HA DAITO RYU RENGOKAI LINEAGE. Soke Moclair's is recognised as Shodai Headmaster of the Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie and the Eikoku-Ryu-Tai Jutsu Renmie is  legitimate branch of this 1200-year old Shogunated Military Art known as Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Rengokai.  


12-06-2009. The Nippon Martial Arts Renmei issued a Yudansha Official Certificate to Soke James Moclair stating that he had completed the prescribed examination as laid down by The Nippon Martial Arts Renmei and is duly awarded Hanshi 8th Dan Aiki-Ju-Jitsu.   

12-06-2009. The Nippon Martial Arts Renmei Board of Directors appointed Soke James Moclair as its Official Director for England. The Nippon Martial Arts Renmei also acknowledge in the form of an official certificate James Moclair Menkyo Kaiden – Hanshi 10th Dan Ju-Jutsu.

16-06-2009. After a month of filming at the Tai Jutsu Kwai Dojo, James Moclair created four DVD’s of his Eikoku-Ryu Tai-Jutsu Ju-Jutsu system. Th DVD’s cover, Novice to White Belt, White to Yellow Belt, Yellow to Orange Belt and Orange to Green Belt. He also put on DVD the Origial Classic Blue, Brown and Black Syllabus and the Kime No Kata.   

21-06-2009. James Moclair created a DVD that covers 100 Ju-Jutsu throwing techniques. The DVD was filmed at James’s Tai Jutsu Kwai Dojo.


01-07-2009. In this month, James created the following DVD's:

Practical Weapon Defences DVD.

Aiki Jutsu 1st to 4th form and practical defences from the Eikoku-Ryu Tai-Jutsu Aiki Jutsu Style DVD.

Combination Techniques DVD.

A comprehensive Atemi Point DVD 

A Tonfa DVD.

01-08-2009. In this month three new DVD's were added to the impressive DVD list, they are;

Jo Staff, Nunchaku and a mixed DVD with Sai Dagger's, Kama Sickle and Short Staff. 

02-09-2009. The International Bujutsu Society, Kokusai Bujutsu Kessha issued certificates to Soke James Moclair stating; This is to certify Soke James Moclair is a Lifetime Member in good standing of our organisation and is conferred as,

Member of the Board of Directors

Member of Sokeship Council

Representative for England to the International Bujutsu Society.

Legitimate founder,10th Dan and Head Master of the Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei.


20-09-2009. James Moclair Soke Shodai's Ju-Jutsu Book, Ju-Jutsu 'A Comprehensive Guide'  was published. The book has 255 pages in it and over 56,000 words. It has166 pictures, most taken by James Moclair. All pictures were edited by James Moclair. The book is on sale at 23,000 outlets around the world. 

22-09-2009. The Chunjido International Association included James Moclair's Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Ju-Jutsu System into its Online University Programme. Martial artist from all around the world now have the opportunity to train in James Moclair's Ju-Jutsu System.  

28-11-2009. This is a very special date as it was 30 years ago that James Moclair started Tai Jutsu Kwai group. To celibrate this, a BIG birthday party was held at Tai Jutsu Kwai Dojo, Dudley England. To commemerate this, James Moclair gave a stunning dispay with his Nunchaku and Tonfa. This can be viewed on this web site, Youtube and James's Myspace. 

29-11-2009. James Moclair is appointed England representative with the grade of Grandmaster 10th Dan to the Peru based organisation, Martial Arts Police Methods. reg no 037-England

01-01-2010. James Moclair is appointed to 6th Dan in Senai Sesshinryu shihandokai karate-do jutsu & budo jutsu system. James is now the second highest grade in this style in the world. James has also been honoured with the permission to use the Senai Sesshinryu shihandokai karate-do jutsu & budo jutsu seals and logo on his own certification.

20-03-2010 Chunjido International, James Moclair  is appointed National Director for the United Kingdom and also a member of the Chunjido International Advisory Board, advising on new members, promotions, and other organizational initiatives.

07 July 2011James Moclair was given Life membership to Budo Kan of Australia. This was awarded to James as a thank from the club. James and its Sensie Carl Welby trained many years ago under R Bleakman Sensei.

September 2012. This was a sad day, James had to close the doors to his Dojo in Dudley and begin a reloction program to new premises. This move was due to James's ongoing battle with local druggies! For the story please follow the link.


04/10/2012 James mocllair was issued with the grades of 10th Dan kempo Jutsu and Aiki Jutsu by the Nippon Martial Arts Renmei Yudansha Board.

 November 2012. In Just five weeks, James through hard work, opened the New Dojo on the Top Floor of the Plaza Mall, Dudley.

December 2012. James Moclair completed fifty years of martial arts training and practice this year. He still feels he has  lots to learn and hopes that the next fifty will be as good as the last!

18 January 2013. James was appointed as the ALL JAPAN JU-JITSU INTERNATIONAL Representative for the United Kingdom

June 2013. James's first science fiction novel was published. The book took three years to write and reflects james's passion for science and science fiction. The book called S.P.A.C.E went on sale  at most internet stores around the world. Website, www/jamesmoclairsciencefictionbook.yolasite.com.

On the 02-12-2013 James Moclair's wife Lorraine passed away after battling cancer. Lorraine was James's best student,she had trained for over thirty years and achieved black belt 2nd Dan in Ju-Jutsu and 1st Dan in Karate. She will be missed by all.

June 2014. James's second science fiction book was published. The book is named T.I.M.E and is available from Amazon and other internet book store. 



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