Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts 

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New Students Guide




An essential guide, to all new people thinking of starting martial arts classes at Tai Jutsu Kwai M.A.C.

You have made the first positive step by choosing a First Class Club,

now read on, so that you’re ready to visit the club.

 The club is located at;

Top Floor,

Plaza Mall,

34 High Street


We have two entrances. When open, the first is through the Plaza Mall Shopping Precinct walk to the bottom and then follow the signs up the stairs. When the Plaza Mall is closed  you can gain entrance

In King Street, the door and stairs to the club is just oppersite Sarif & Sons Super Market. Follow the signs up the stair to the Dojo.

Sunday and after five each evening you can park for free on the small car park at the side of the Plaza Mall located in King Street.


Before entering the club, I ask that everyone remove there shoes, its traditional, so now it is time to pop your shoes off. 

If the door to the club is closed, just ring the door bell or knock the door,

 You will not be disturbing anyone.

You will be greeted by me, the Sensei (your teacher) James Moclair or if I am not available immediately then one of my senior grades will greet you.

Now just try to relax,  I know that your first visit to my club can be a bit scary but I assure you have nothing to worry about. You will be looked after the whole time you are on the class and you will notice that the club has a nice friendly atmosphere and what more important is that everyone on the class has had to go through there first night also, so they know exactly how you feel.

You may find initially all the things we do a little confusing, again don’t worry this is quite normal, you are not an idiot, totally uncoordinated or someone with two left feet. You are just someone who is taking the first of many steps in martial arts. Be assured we all started this way, it just takes time and practice to be good at anything in life and martial arts is no exception. 

Please, please, please don’t be afraid to ask questions or for additional help in any of the techniques I show you, I am here to help you. I don’t mind how many times I have to explain something to you. I am a professional teacher and I take pride in the quality of instruction that I offer to all my students. 

At the end of your first class is normal to feel inwardly content and excited that you have achieved quite a lot for your first martial arts session. This is a feeling that you will have at the end of every class from now on.

Now it is time to go home and chill out. If you have not done much in the way of exercise for some time, you may want to consider a nice long soak in the bath tub or a good hot shower, this helps reduce any forthcoming aches and pains due to a lactic acid build up in all the muscles you have not worked for some time, again a few aches and pains are extremely normal, so don’t worry, they will pass in a day or two.

After you have completed your first class, new students often try to recap mentally all that they have done over the first session. What comes as shock is that in 95% of cases you can only remember fragments of the class, this again is absolutely normal. It will take you several sessions to become familiar with all that you are being taught, so be extremely patient with yourself. 

Bringing a friend for you to work with has a positive point and also a negative one as well.

The positive side is, you have someone to train with that you know and is starting fresh, just like yourself, this is great. Here comes the down side, L if he or she does not take to the class it may stop you from coming.  Always remember martial arts is all about the individual, you.

Once you have made the first step in martial arts, don’t let others discourage you.


 James Moclair 10th Dan.