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Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance


Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre will always endeavour to give only the best quality classes and instruction for all its students, this is done initially by having just “one instructor” who oversees all the classes. Professor James Moclair 10th Dan Soke Shodai is the man who ensures that you will learn your chosen martial art to the best of your ability. Although the centre has other very competent black belts who are happy to assist you, the main instruction only comes from the best, James Moclair 10th Dan Soke Shodai.


Tai Jutsu Kwai is not a "belt factory". Each student, through hard work achieves the various belts when they are ready and of the correct standard. We pride ourselves on the ongoing standards of all our students and will never compromise these standards.


Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre is the best equipped full time dojo in the UK; you have the finest instructor in the world and a superb training environment.


Why compromise yourself and waste your money by training in a sub standard hall and poor quality instructor when you can have the very best.   


Call in today or telephone to secure your place with the best.


For further information' mobile 07815 676950

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